British Empire Article

Book Reviews from the Overseas Pensioner - by Territory

LIST OF BOOKS REVIEWED IN THE OVERSEAS PENSIONER 1965-2016 - Alphabetical by Territory
Author Book reviewed Publisher Territory relating to Reviewer Year
Aitken, Rhona The Memsahib's Cookbook Piatkus - IA 1991 61/34
Alexander, Joan Voices and Echoes: Tales from Colonial Women Quartet Books - Kirk-Greene, AHM 1983 46/41
Banton, Mandy Administering The Empire 1801-1968: A Guide To The Records In the National Archives Of The UK Institute of Historical Research
University of London / The National Archives of the UK
- Smith, John 2009 97/51
Barringer, Terry Occasional Paper - How Green was our Empire? ICwS, London Universitey - Kirkman, Bill 2006 91/42
Beinart, William
Hughes, Lotte
Environment and Empire Oxford University Press - MacKenzie, John M 2008 95/52
Blower, John In Ethiopia Librario Publishing Ltd - Anstey, David 2007 93/59
Blower, John Himalayan Assignment Librario Publishing Ltd - Anstey, David 2007 93/59
Brendon, Piers The Decline and Fall of the British Empire 1781-1997 Jonathan Cape Publishers Ltd - Smith, John 2008 95/53
Bridger, Gordon How I Failed to Save the World, or Forty Years of Foreign Aid Author House UK Ltd - Smith, John 2009 97/39
Brown, Ron All Round the Compass: Stories from RAF Days Janus Publishing Company - Moss, JP 1995 70/66
Byrne, JV The General Salutes a Soldier Robert Hale, London - ECS 1986 52/47
Cain, PJ
Hopkins, AG
British Imperialism: Vols 1 and 2 Longman - Morley, JAE 1994 68/57
Callan, Hillary
Ardener, Shirley
The Incorporated Wife Croom Helm - Kirk-Greene, AHM 1985 50/49
Darwin, John Unfinished Empire.  The Global Expansion of Britain Allen Lane - Smith, John 2013 105/58
Dickson, HP The Badge of Britannia Pentland Press Ltd - Gardiner, Mrs JAM 1991 61/33
Evans, Deric The State Apartments at Buckingham Palace Paradigm Press, Suffolk - RJA 1985 49/19
Evans, Deric The State Apartments of Saint James's Palace Aspen Communications Plc - 1992 63/50
Gailey, Harry A Clifford: Imperial Proconsul Rex Collings, London - Kirk-Greene, AHM 1983 45/32
Garvey, Sir Ronald Gentlemen Pauper Anchor Publications - Kirk-Greene, AHM 1985 50/50
Gillies, Mick Mayfly on the Stream of Time Messuage Books - Lowe-McConnell, Rosemary 2001 81/39
Hayter, Canon John Priest in Prison Tynron Press - 1992 63/50
HMSO British Documents on the End of Empire - - Kirk-Greene, AHM 1994 68/56
Hodge, Joseph Morgan Triumph Of The Expert: Agrarian Doctrines Of Development And The Legacies Of British Colonialism Ohio University Press - Barringer, Terry 2008 96/59
Holland, Robert
Williams, Susan
Barringer, Terry (edited by all 3)
The Iconography Of Independence: 'Freedoms At Midnight' Routledge - Kirk-Greene, AHM 2010 99/51
Hughes, Richard Capricorn - David Stirling's Second African Campaign The Radcliffe Press - Lawley, Jonathan 2003 86/55
Hutchings, SE Life in the Colonial Prison Service Arthur H. Stockwell Ltd - DC 1988 55/32
Imray, Colin Cricket in the Backblocks The Book Guild Limited - Dodd, WA 1998 76/47
Killingray, David
Taylor, David
Occasional Paper The UK Overseas Territories Past, Present & Future ICwS, London Universitey - Kirkman, Bill 2006 91/42
Kirke-Greene, AHM Aspects Of Empire:  A New Corona Anthology IB Tauris - Louis, Wm. Roger 2012 104/52
Kirk-Greene, AHM A Biographical Dictionary of the British Colonial Service Hans Zell Publishers - Stenton, CD 1991 62/50
Kirk-Greene, AHM The Corona Club, 1900-1990 - An Introductory History AHM Kirk-Greene - Stenton, CD 1991 62/51
Kirk-Greene, AHM On Crown Service A History of HM Colonial & Overseas Civil Services, 1837-1997 IB Tauris - Stockwell, AJ 1999 77/29
Kirk-Greene, AHM Britain's Imperial Administrators 1858-1966 Macmillan Distribution Ltd - Killingray, David 2000 80/50
Kirk-Greene, AHM Glimpses of Empire - A Corona Anthology IB Tauris - Smith, John 2001 82/51
Lees, RH Death for an Emerald Robert Hale, London - ES 1984 48/53
Louis, Wm Roger Ends of British Imperialism: The Scramble for Empire, Suez and Decolonisation IB Tauris - Cross, Dr Nigel 2007 94/51
Lowe-McConnell, R The Tilapia Trail: The Life Story of a Fish Biologist MPM Publishing - Jackson, PBN 2007 93/51
Luce, Richard Ringing the Changes: A Memoir Michael Russell (Publishing) Ltd - Kirk-Greene, AHM 2008 95/42
Macgregor, Dr JD Colonial Window: A view from the past The Memoir Club - Russell, Tom 2007 93/53
Maciel, Elsie Antonette Goan Cookery Book Merlin Books Ltd - DF 1985 50/47
Marshall, Ian Passage East Howell Press - Barnes, KJ 2000 79/53
May, Alex (edited by) The Commonwealth And International Affairs The Round Table Centennial Selection Routledge - Kirk-Greene, AHM 2011 101/61
Murphy, Philip Monarchy & The End of Empire Oxford University Press - Luce, Richard 2014 107/52
Neillands, Robin A Fighting Retreat: The British Empire 1947-97 Hodder & Stoughton - Kirk-Greene, AHM 1997 73/41
O'Halpin, Eunan Head of the Civil Service Routledge - Kirk-Greene, AHM 1989 58/63
O'Siochain, Seamas Roger Casement - Imperialist, Rebel, Revolutionary The Lilliput Press - 2009 97/49
Pakenham, Valerie The Noonday Sun Methuen - Kirk-Greene, AHM 1985 50/51
Pearce, Robert D Sir Bernard Bourdillon Kensal Press - Kirk-Greene, AHM 1989 58/61
Peel, Richard Old Sinister: A Memoir of Sir Arthur Richards privately published - Kirk-Greene, AHM 1986 52/49
Pink, Pattie The Last of the White Ants Trafford Publishing (UK) Ltd - Mares, RG 2006 92/81
Pitt, John Adui Mbele (Enemy in Front) Mr John Pitt - Swynnerton, Sir Roger 1993 65/52
QEONSA Variations on a Theme Memories from members of QEONSA Mrs Dorothy Pirkis, C/O OSPA - Brayton, Margaret 2002 83/65
Rich, PJ The Elixir of Empire Regency Press - Kirk-Greene, AHM 1990 59/38
Rooney, David Sir Charles Arden-Clarke Africa Book Centre Ltd - Kirk-Greene, AHM 1983 45/32
Sinclair, Georgina At the end of the Line: Colonial policing and the imperial endgame 1945-80 Manchester University Press - Mitchell, Robin
Bradney, Bob
2007 93/49
Smith, Adele (edited by) The Royal Over-Seas League: From Empire Into Commonwealth, A History Of The First 100 Years IB Tauris - Kirkman, Bill 2010 99/53
Spinage, Clive From Dark Heart to Kalahari Librario Publishing Ltd - Anstey, David 2007 93/59
Swaisland, Cecillie Forty Years of Service: The Women's Corona Society 1950-1990 Women's Corona Society - Andrew, I 1993 66/55
Tidrick, Kathryn Empire and the English Character IB Tauris - Kirk-Greene, AHM 1992 64/63
Trollope, Joanna Britannia's Daughters Hutchinson, 1983 - Kirk-Greene, AHM 1984 48/54
Tuft, Nancy An Active Retirement Age Concern England - Andrew, I 1993 66/56
Twaddle, Michael Occasional Paper - Empire & After ICwS, London Universitey - Kirkman, Bill 2006 91/42
Twiston Davis, David (edited by) The Daily Telegraph Book Of Imperial and Commonwealth Obituaries Frontline Books - Kirk-Greene, Anthony 2009 98/65
Unwin, Sheila The Arab Chest Arabian Publishing Ltd - MacRae, Christopher 2007 93/55
Whitehead, Clive Colonial Educators The British Indian and Colonial Education Service 1858-1983 IB Tauris - Bown, Lalage 2004 87/48
Williams, Stephanie Running The Show Governors Of The British Empire 1957-1912 Penguin Books - Kirk-Greene, AHM 2011 102/52
Ziegler, Philip King Edward VIII: the official biography Collins Fontana - Kirk-Greene, AHM 1992 64/61
Crouch, Michael An Element of Luck, to South Arabia and Beyond Radcliffe Press Aden Thorne, RHJ 1994 68/57
Crouch, Michael An Element of Luck Rawlhouse Publishing Pty Ltd Aden 2001 81/47
Farah, Caesar E The Sultan's Yemen 19th Century Challenges to Ottoman Rule IB Tauris Aden Hinchcliffe, Peter 2002 84/53
Groom, Nigel Sheba Revealed - A Posting to Bayhan in the Yemen IB Tauris Aden Hinchcliffe, Peter 2002 84/53
Harding, John Roads To Nowhere Arabian Publishing Ltd Aden Walker, Hugh 2010 99/46
Hinchcliffe, P
Ducker, J
Holt, M
Without Glory in Arabia: The British Retreat from Aden IB Tauris Aden Harding, JGR 2006 92/80
Luce, Margaret From Aden to the Gulf Michael Russell, Salisbury Aden Kirk-Greene, AHM 1987 54/65
Waterfield, Gordon Sultans of Aden Stacey International Aden Hinchcliffe, Peter 2004 88/56
Morley, John Colonial Postscript - Diary of a District Officer 1936-56 Radcliffe Press Aden, East Africa, Malaya,
Gold Coast
Dickson, HYWS 1993 65/40
Allen, Charles Tales from the Dark Continent                                                        Charles Allen Africa Kirk-Greene, AHM 1979 38/24
Allen, James de Vere Swahili Origins James Currey Africa Eccles, Brian 1994 67/46
Bellers, Veronica A Spec in the Ocean of Time Author Africa Kwarteng, Dr Kwasi, MP 2015 109/49
Butcher, Tim Blood River - A Journey to Africa's Broken Heart Vintage Books Africa Mitchell, Harry 2008 96/62
Chan, Stephen Grasping Africa - A tale of Tragedy and Achievement IB Tauris Africa Lawley, Jonathan 2007 94/52
Coulter, George Africa In Transition The Journey From Traditional To Modern In Africa Book Guild Publishing Africa Lowe-McConnell, Rosemary 2012 103/59
Edited by: Lawrance, BN
Osborn, EL & Roberts, RL
Intermediaries, Interpreters, and Clerks: African Employees in the making of Colonial Africa The University of
Wisconsin Press
Africa Cashmore, Dr THR 2007 94/58
Faught, C Brad Into Africa:  The Imperial Life of Margery Perham IB Tauris Africa Mackenzie, John M 2012 104/54
Helean, William Bed in the Bush Churchman Publishing/
Graham Brash plc
Africa EES 1991 62/52
Iliffe, John Africans - The History of a Continent Cambridge University Press Africa Eccles, Brian 1996 71/39
Killingray, David
Plaut, Martin
Fighting For Britain African Soldiers In The Second World War Boydell & Brewer's
James Currey imprint
Africa Lonsdale, John 2011 102/55
Kirk, Richard Animal Crackers Collins Africa - 1980 40/37
Kirk-Greene, AHM Symbol of Authority:  The British District Officer in Africa IB Tauris Africa Cashmore, Dr THR 2006 91/39
Mawhood, Philip Local Government in the Third World John Wiley Africa ES 1984 47/31
Meredith, Martin The First Dance of Freedom Hamish Hamilton, 1985 Africa Kirk-Greene, AHM 1986 52/51
Millard, John Never a Dull Moment An Autobiography of John Millard - Administrator, Soldier & Farmer Silent Books Limited Africa Durdant-Hollamby, NO 1997 74/63
Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft Colonial Administration in Africa Between Central Policy and Local Reality Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft
 mbH & Co KG, Germany
Africa Squire, Dr CW 2008 95/54
Paice, Edward Tip and Run: The Untold Tragedy of the Great War in Africa Weidenfeld & Nicolson Africa Wheeler, Sara 2007 93/61
Prior, Christopher Exporting Empire.  Africa, Colonial Officials and the Construction Manchester University Press Africa Barringer, Terry 2014 107/60
Royle, Trevor Winds of Change: The End of Empire in Africa John Murray Limited Africa Kirk-Greene, AHM 1997 73/41
Bradley, DJ
Kirkwood, K (editors)
Health in Tropical Africa during the Colonial Period Clarendon Press Africa HMS 1982 43/30
Sardanis, Andrew A Venture in Africa - The Challenges of African Business IB Tauris Africa Lawley, Jonathan 2007 94/52
Snoxall, RA Peripatetic Pedagogue Published privately Africa IA 1985 50/53
Stow, Sir John Times Remembered in Africa and the Caribbean Sir John Stow Africa, Caribbean Kirk-Greene, AHM 1992 63/51
Price, Geoffrey R Building a Life The Memoir Club Africa, Pacific Cochran, Chris 2006 92/82
Debenham Back, June The Quiet Land: the Antarctic diaries of Frank Debenham Erskine Press Antarctic Greenall, EC 1993 65/41
Perham, Margery Pacific Prelude Peter Owen Ltd Australasia Lever, RA 1988 56/66
Sanders, Peter The Last of the Queen's Men. A Lesotho Experience Witwatersrand University Press Basutoland Glaze, MJL 2001 82/53
Smith, Colin Green Mountain Doctor Author Basutoland Squires, Dr Neil 2001 81/40
Henry, PWT An Earthly Paradise. Memories Of A Forester In The Bechuanaland Protectorate/Botswana 1963-68 (All Our Yesterdays Volume 2) Author Bechuanaland Wood, Peter 2011 102/62
Winstanley, George Under Two Flags: Recollections of a British Administrator in Bechuanaland and Botswana 1954-1972 Blackwater Books Bechuanaland, Botswana Baker, Colin 2001 81/43
Waddington, David David Waddington: Memoirs Biteback Publishing Bermuda Luce, Richard 2013 105/56
Holley, Stephen A White Headhunter in Borneo Natural History Publications
Borneo Fielding, David 2004 88/50
Suart, Wendy The Lingering Eye: Recollections of North Borneo The Pentland Press Ltd Borneo Holland, Christine 1996 72/67
Wilson, Dr RAM A Cargo of Spice - Exploring Borneo Radcliffe Press Borneo Kirk, Henry 1995 69/54
Fawcus, Peter
Tilbury, Alan
Botswana: The Road to Independence Botswana Society & Pula Press Botswana Twaddle, Dr Michael 2001 81/41
McConnell, Ro Land of Waters The Book Guild Ltd British Guiana Heesterman, Dr Linda 2001 81/37
Frankson, AS A Caribbean Identity: Memoirs of the Colonial Service The Radcliffe Press British Honduras Posnett, Richard 2008 96/57
Godden, CH Trespassers Forgiven Memoirs Of Imperial Service In An Age Of Independence The Radcliffe Press British Honduras Baker, Gordon 2009 98/58
Glass, Leslie The Changing of Kings Peter Owen Ltd Burma Kirk-Greene, AHM 1986 51/45
Hamilton, John AL War Bush The 81st (West African) Division in Burma 1943-1945 Michael Russell (Publishing) Ltd Burma Neillands, Robin 2002 83/54
Maybury, Maurice Heaven-Born in Burma: The Daily Round Castle Cary: Folio Hadspen Burma RJB 1985 49/20
Maybury, Maurice Heaven-Born in Burma Vol 2 Folio Hadspen Burma Harris, M 1985 50/53
Maybury, Maurice Heaven-Born in Burma - Swan Song of the Heaven-Born Folio Hadspen Burma Harris, M 1987 53/40
Fleming, Laurence Last Children of the Raj - British Childhoods in India The Radcliffe Press Burma, India MacKeith, Alastair 2005 89/62
Gill, JM Cameroon Trilogy Author Cameroon Elkerton, RJ 2006 92/77
Gill, John M Old Bill in the Bush The Pentland Press Cameroons Elkerton, R J 1997 73/53
Bourne, Richard Catastrophe.  What went wrong in Zimbabwe? Zed Books Central Africa Lawley, Jonathan 2013 105/60
Brendon, Jack Mr Burpington Presides Howard Timmins Publishers Central Africa DS 1986 52/47
Cowen, William W A Central African Odyssey Radcliffe Press Central Africa Girdlestone, JAC 1996 71/42
Fisher, Dr Monica Nswana - The Heir: The Life and Times of Charles Fisher Mission Press Central Africa Greenall, EC 1993 65/43
Herbert, Eugenia W Twilight on the Zambezi: Late Colonialism in Central Africa Palgrave Macmillan Central Africa Kirk-Greene, Anthony 2003 85/54
Lawley, Jonathan Beyond The Malachite Hills IB Tauris Central Africa Luce, Richard 2009 98/56
Lees, RH A Question of Murder Robert Hale, London Central Africa RJA 1981 42/50
Mangin, Geoffrey Filming Emerging Africa: A Pioneer Cinematographer's Scrapbook Het Ronde Doornbsjen Central Africa Berriff, Henry 2000 79/42
Nell, Louis Images of Yesteryear - Film-making in Central Africa HarperCollins Publishers (Zim) Central Africa Berriff, Henry 2000 79/42
Webb, Lorna E Chintali The Life & Times of Sir Thomas Page, Kt, CBE (1879-1957) Newton Publishers (1995) Central Africa Hill, Roland 1996 71/39
Williams, Susan Who Killed Hammarskjold? The UN, the Cold War and White Supremacy in Africa C Hurst & Co Publishers Ltd Central Africa Wright, Tim 2014 108/63
Reeve, William H Hammer, Compass & Traverse Wheel, a Geologist in Africa Pentland Press Central Africa, Tanganyika Barkley, RJ 1992 64/62
Watts, Ronald Eyes on Africa:  A Fifty Year Commentary The Ebor Press Central Africa, Uganda, Kenya Robertson, Laurie 2006 91/55
Hawkes, Marabel Pearls, Palms and Riots Regency Press, London & NY Ceylon IA 1987 54/63
O'Regan, John From Empire to Commonwealth: Reflections on a Career in Britain's Overseas Service Radcliffe Press Ceylon, Jamaica, Nigeria Lonsdale, John 1995 69/49
Bell, Bethia N and Heather M HCP Bell, Archaeologist of Ceylon and the Maldives Miss HM Bell Ceylon, Maldives O'Regan, John 1994 67/46
Morgan, Tabitha Sweet And Bitter Island.  A History Of The British In Cyprus IB Tauris Cyprus Weston Markides, Diana 2010 100/60
Beckenham, Arthur F Wagon of Smoke Cadogan Books Limited East Africa Kirk-Greene, AHM 1989 58/61
Carvalho, Selma A Railway Runs Through Matador Publishing East Africa Fullerton, Peter 2014 108/53
Colley, W The Airmails Of East Africa To 1952 The East Africa Study Circle East Africa Ensor, Michael 2010 99/55
Considine, Joan
Rawlins, John
Childhood Memories of Colonial East Africa 1920-1963 Bongo Books East Africa Bellers, Veronica 2005 89/63
Crichton-Harris, Ann Seventeen Letters to Tatham A WW I Surgeon in East Africa Keneggy West East Africa Tawney, Tim 2002 84/57
Crozier, Anna Practising Colonial Medicine: The Colonial Medical Service in British East Africa IB Tauris East Africa Geissler, Dr Wenzel 2009 97/36
Curle, Christian (edited by) Letters from The Horn Of Africa 1923-1942: Sandy Curle, Soldier & Diplomat Extraordinary Pen & Sword Books Ltd East Africa Bowring, Walter W 2009 98/61
Davis, Peter J East African, An Airline Story Runnymede Malthouse East Africa Yeoman, Guy 1997 74/57
Dennis, LG Bill The Lake Steamers of East Africa Runnymede Malthouse East Africa Yeoman, Guy 1997 74/57
Dyus, Gordon Twilight Of The Bwanas Xlibris Publishing East Africa Allen, Hubert 2012 104/64
Evans, PC The Early Postcards of the British East Africa Protectorate/Kenya Author East Africa Bellers, Veronica 2008 96/64
Everard, Colin The Guardian Angel - A Voice from the Wilderness Minerva Press East Africa Page, Malcolm 1997 73/54
Gillett, Mary Tribute to Pioneers J M Considine East Africa Stenton, CD 1987 53/37
Hazell, Alastair The Last Slave Market: Dr John Kirk and the end of Slavery in East Africa Constable & Robinson Ltd East Africa Barringer, Terry 2013 106/60
Heape, RC The Career Of WL Heape, CMG Author East Africa Tawney, Tim 2014 107/66
Hodges, Geoffrey The Carrier Corps: Military Labour in the E African Campaign 1914-18 Greenwood Press East Africa Cashmore, Dr THR 1993 65/51
Kinloch, Bruce The Shamba Raiders Ashford Press Publishing East Africa ME 1988 55/37
Lewis-Barned, Suzi (retold by) The Clever Rat And Other African Tales Ragged Bears Publishing East Africa McCall Smith, Alexander 2011 102/64
Lewis-Barned, Suzi (retold by) Tales Of Abunuwas And Other Stories Mkuki na Nyota, Dar es Salaam East Africa McCall Smith, Alexander 2011 102/64
Maciel, Mervyn From Mtoto to Mzee Author East Africa Fullerton, Peter 2014 108/53
Macoun, Michael J Wrong Place, Right Time - Policing the End of Empire Radcliffe Press East Africa Macpherson, Alastair 1997 73/50
Mason, Tony Anthony's Odyssey Author East Africa Edwards, John 2009 97/51
Matthews, Christine From Suburbia to Subukia: Achievements with E Africa Flying Doctor Service Avon Books East Africa Cotterell, G 1996 72/68
Middleton, John The World of the Swahili Yale University Press East Africa Eccles, Brian 1995 69/51
Mumford, J Gordon White Man's Drum: Tales of the East African Bundu Zebra Publishing House East Africa Hotton, Michael RA 2006 91/58
North, Stephen Europeans in British Administered East Africa: A Biographical Listing 1888-1905 Author East Africa Patience, Kevin 2006 91/60
Patience, Kevin Shipwrecks and Salvage on the East African Coast Author East Africa Dunn, Captain JWS 2007 93/56
Pullicino, Philo & MJ Opening Africa - The Life Of James Martin MPI Publishing East Africa Gee, Tommy 2009 98/67
Rickman, Roy Spindoctor Author East Africa Geissler, Dr Wenzel 2009 97/36
Savile, AH Extension of Rural Communities Oxford University Press East Africa Beeton, WH 1966 11/7
Sitwell, Grace McDonald Letters from Far-Away Places Published privately, Vancouver East Africa Kirk-Greene, AHM 1986 51/48
Smith, Alec Insect Man.  A Fight against Malaria in Africa Radcliffe Press East Africa Draper, CC 1994 67/51
Thompson, Frank A Passage of Time Frank Thompson East Africa Collister, P 1996 71/47
Webster, David The Shimmering Heat: Memories of a Bush Doctor in East Africa Stanley L Hunt (Printers) Ltd East Africa Imperato, Pascal 2008 96/56
Jewell, Dr Norman Parsons On Call in Africa in War and Peace 1910 to 1932 Gillyflower Publishing (Tony Jewell) East Africa, Seychelles Burton, John 2016 112/63
Hunter, Archie Power and Passion in Egypt:  A Life of Sir Eldon Gorst IB Tauris Egypt Mountain, DV 2008 96/51
Reardon, Margaret An Unexpected Journey: Life in the Colonies at Empire's End: A Woman's Role Armstrong, Catherine (s/p) Eritrea, Tanganyika, Bechuanaland Lewis, Dr Joanna 2016 111/63
Shirreff, David Bare Feet and Bandoliers Radcliffe Press Ethiopia Mans, Maj Gen Rowley 1995 70/65
Austin, Jean A Falklands Diary:  Winds Of Change In A Distant Colony IB Tauris Falkland Islands Tatham, David 2010 99/50
Gurr, Andrew A Little Piece of England John Blake Publishing Ltd Falkland Islands Taylor, David 2002 83/52
Hunt, Sir Rex My Falkland Days Politico's Publishing Falkland Islands Blake, LG 2003 85/58
Tatham, David The Dictionary Of Falklands Biography (Including South Georgia) From Discovery Up To 1981 Author Falkland Islands Luce, Richard 2009 98/59
Gittins, Ann Tales of the Fiji Islands JA Gittins Fiji IA 1991 62/47
Snow, Philip The Years of Hope: Cambridge, Colonial Admin in South Seas & Cricket Radcliffe Press Fiji Bain, Kenneth 1998 75/44
Lattimer, Pamela A Family of Ginger Griffins Regency Press (London & NY) Fiji, Kenya, Malaya Harris, ML 1987 54/68
Snow, Philip
Waine, Stefanie
The People from the Horizon: An illustrated History of the Europeans among the South Sea Islanders Fiji, Western Pacific - 1980 40/37
Simonis, Francis Le Commandant en Tournee - Une administration  Seli Arslan French Africa Squire, CW 2005 90/52
Clauzel, Jean La France D'Outre-Mer: 1930-1960 temoignages d'administrateurs et de magistrats Karthala, Paris French Colonies Dimier, Veronique 2005 89/64
Dimier, Veronique Le Gouvernement des Colonies Editions de l'Universite
 de Bruxells
French Colonies Kirk-Greene, Anthony 2005 89/65
Blackburne, Sir Kenneth Lasting Legacy: A Story of British Colonialism Johnson Publications Gambia Kirk-Greene, AHM 1977 33/9
Collins, WB Empires in Anarchy MacGibbon & Kee Ghana Harris, Victor 1968 15/17
Moxon, James Volta - Man's Greatest Lake - The Story of Ghana's Akosombo Dam Andre Deutsch Ltd, London Ghana 1984 48/55
Cordon, Roddy Captain Ward - Pacific Navigator Cordon & Wood Publishers Gilbert & Ellice Islands Nicholson, Kelvin 1996 72/71
Cordon, Roddy Seven Years Island Hopping (Vol 1) Cordon & Wood Gilbert & Ellice Islands   1997 74/65
Cordon, Roddy Seven Years' Island Hopping - Volume II Cordon & Wood Gilbert & Ellice Islands Nicholson, Kelvin 1999 77/26
Raschen, Dan Don't Step on a Stonefish Bucklands Publications Ltd Gilbert & Ellice Islands Nicholson, K 1993 66/57
Van Trease, Howard Atoll Politics - The Republic of Kiribati Macmillan Brown Centre for
Pacific Studies
Gilbert & Ellice Islands Bain, Kenneth 1995 69/55
Butler, IE Ghost Stories and other Island Tales: A Colonial Officer in the Gilbert Islands Author Gilbert and Ellice Islands Walsh, Michael 2015 109/59
Pitchford, John The Last District Officer Librario Publishing Ltd Gilbert and Ellice Islands Walsh, Michael 2014 107/62
Dennis, Philip Goodbye to Pith Helmets.  A District Commissioner's account of the Pentland Press Gold Coast Jeffries, Richard 2001 82/55
Goodall, Dr HB Beloved Imperialist - A Biography Pentland Press Ltd Gold Coast Sinclair, Sir George 1999 77/22
Hodgkin, Elizabeth (edited by)
Wolfers, Michael
Thomas Hodgkin: Letters from Africa HAAN Associates Gold Coast Jeffries, Richard 2001 82/55
Kuklick, Henrika The Imperial Bureaucrat: The Colonial Administrative Service in the Gold Coast 1920-1939 Hoover Institution Press, CA Gold Coast PLK 1980 40/39
Lawler, Nancy Ellen Soldiers, Airmen, Spies and Whisperers: The Gold Coast in World War II Ohio University Press Gold Coast Ensor, Michael 2003 86/59
Leeds, Allen Long Ago and Far Away - Gold Coast Days 1939-1958 Square One Publications Gold Coast Bennett, Rodney 1998 76/49
Lynn, Charles, Marjorie & Sylvia The Long Garden Master in The Gold Coast Authors OnLine Ltd Gold Coast Brammer, Hugh 2014 107/55
Powell, Erica Private Secretary (Female) Gold Coast C. Hurst & Co. Gold Coast Kirk-Greene, AHM 1984 47/31
Russell, Colin Gold Coast to Ghana The Pentland Press Ltd Gold Coast Ensor, M 1997 74/66
Selwyn-Clarke, Sir Selwyn Footprints - The memoirs of Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke KBE, CMG, MC Sino-American Publish Co., HK Gold Coast Harston, W 1975 30/14
Ward, WEF My Africa Ghana Universities Press Gold Coast Ensor, MdeN 1992 64/58
Williamson, Thora Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa IB Tauris Gold Coast Ensor, Michael 2001 82/52
Edited by:
Cunningham, Eric
MacDougall, Jennifer
Mayhew, Alan &
Hammer, Michael
Gold Coast and Ghana Memories Ghana School Aid /
Eric Cunningham
Gold Coast, Ghana Smith, John 2006 92/85
Imray, Colin Policeman in Africa Book Guild Limited Gold Coast, Kenya Ensor, Michael 1998 75/49
Mullins, Patrick Retreat from Africa Pentland Press Gold Coast, Nyasaland Muir, Marian 1992 64/57
Gutch, Sir John Colonial Servant Published privately Gold Coast, Palestine, Cyrenaica,
British Guiana
Stokes, RR 1987 54/63
Craddock, Sally Retired except on Demand Oxford University Press Gold Coast, Singapore Kirk-Greene, AHM 1984 47/28
Akers-Jones, David Feeling the Stones: Reminiscences Hong Kong University Press Hong Kong Bickley, Gillian 2005 89/55
Bickers, Robert
Yep, Ray (edited by)
May Days In Hong Kong.  Riot And Emergency In 1967 Hong Kong University Press Hong Kong Williams, Bernard 2011 101/53
Bickley, Dr Gillian The Golden Needle: The Biography of Frederick Stewart (1836-1889) David C Lam Instit of WI Studies Hong Kong Haye, Colvyn 1998 75/47
Bickley, Gillian Hong Kong Invaded - a 97 Nightmare Hong Kong University Press Hong Kong Watson, MJ 2002 83/60
Bickley, Gillian A Magistrate's Court in 19th Century Hong Kong Proverse Press Hong Kong Roebuck, Derek 2005 90/58
Bickley, Gillian For the Record and Other Poems of Hong Kong Christine Penney Hong Kong Wotherspoon, Ian 2006 91/56
Bickley, Gillian Moving House and Other Poems from Hong Kong:
With an essay on new Hong Kong English Language Poetry
Hong Kong Wotherspoon, Ian 2006 91/56
Bray, DC Hong Kong Metamorphosis Hong Kong University Press Hong Kong Hase, Patrick H 2002 83/59
Cartland, Rachel Paper Tigress.  A life In the Hong Kong Government Blacksmith Books Hong Kong Waters, Michael 2014 107/58
Cheung, Gary Ka-wai Hong Kong's Watershed.  The 1967 Riots Hong Kong University Press Hong Kong Williams, Bernard 2011 101/53
Emmett, Chris Hong Kong Police Man Earnshaw Books Ltd Hong Kong Waters, Michael 2015 109/55
Hase, Patrick H The Six-Day War of 1899:  Hong Kong in the Age of Imperialism Hong Kong University Press Hong Kong Carroll, Professor John M 2009 97/34
Hutcheon, Jane From Rice to Riches: A personal journey through a changing China Pan Macmillan Australia Hong Kong Clark, Trevor 2004 87/45
Lendsay, Oliver
(with memories from Harris, JR)
The Battle for Hong Kong 1941-1945: Hostage to Fortune Spellmount Ltd Hong Kong Bickley, Gillian 2006 92/75
Munn, Christopher Anglo-China Chinese People and British Rule in Hong Kong 1841-1880 Hong Kong University Press Hong Kong Carroll, Professor John M 2009 97/34
Penlington, Valerie Ann Winged Dragon (History of Royal H K Auxiliary Air Force) Odyssey Productions Limited Hong Kong Watson, Donald 1997 73/45
Roberts, Denys Another Disaster: Hong Kong Sketches The Radcliffe Press Hong Kong Moss, Peter 2006 92/74
Selwyn-Clarke, Sir Selwyn Footprints - The memoirs of Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke KBE, CMG, MC Sino-American Publish Co., HK Hong Kong Harston, W 1975 30/14
Stevens Smith, Joyce Matilda: Her Life and Legacy Matilda & War Memorial Hospital Hong Kong Dickson, Pat 1995 69/51
Strickland, John (edited by) Southern District Officer Reports: Islands And Villages In Rural Hong Kong 1910-60 Hong Kong University Press Hong Kong Hase, Dr Patrick H 2011 101/59
Tsang, Steve A Modern History of Hong Kong IB Tauris Hong Kong Clark, Trevor 2004 87/45
Tsang, Steve Governing Hong Kong: Administrative Officers from the Nineteenth Century to the Handover to China 1862-1997 IB Tauris Hong Kong Hook, Professor Brian 2008 95/40
Ward, Ian Mariners - The Hong Kong Marine Police 1948-1997 IEW Publications Hong Kong Wright, David M 2000 79/44
Wilson, Brian Hong Kong Then Pentland Press Hong Kong Hayes, James 2001 82/57
Wong, David TK The Evergreen Teahouse: A Hong Kong Novel Muse Publishing Hong Kong Clark, Trevor 2004 87/45
Jenkins, Arthur Hughes A Long Beat - Service to the Crown, Home and Abroad Arthur Hughes Jenkins Hong Kong, Falkland Islands,
Grenada, St Vincent
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