British Empire Article

Book Reviews from the Overseas Pensioner - by Title

Author Book reviewed Publisher Territory relating to Reviewer Year
Butcher, Mike ……. When The Long Trick's Over'. Donald Kennedy In The Pacific Holland House Publishing Western Pacific, Fiji Smith, John 2012 104/62
King, Jack 'So Life Be' A Collection Of Memories Of West Africa Alec Travers West Africa Bird, Ronald 2012 103/63
Lewis, TPM "Changi, The Lost Years": A Malayan Diary 1941-45 Malaysian Historical Society Malaya 1985 50/47
Tompkins, Alastair A Beat Around the Bush: Memoirs of a Former Kenya Policeman 1953-1963 Woodfield Publishing Kenya Policeman (annon) 2005 89/61
Kirk-Greene, AHM A Biographical Dictionary of the British Colonial Service Hans Zell Publishers - Stenton, CD 1991 62/50
Allim, Jessica A Breath of Africa The Pentland Press Ltd Tanganyika, Zanzibar, Sudan,
Southern Rhodesia
Brinkworth, Joy 1997 74/70
Wilson, Dr RAM A Cargo of Spice - Exploring Borneo Radcliffe Press Borneo Kirk, Henry 1995 69/54
Frankson, AS A Caribbean Identity: Memoirs of the Colonial Service The Radcliffe Press British Honduras Posnett, Richard 2008 96/57
Cowen, William W A Central African Odyssey Radcliffe Press Central Africa Girdlestone, JAC 1996 71/42
Mathieson, WP A Chequered Career Janus Publishing Company Malaya, Tanganyika Henry, Roy 1995 69/56
Barker, GH A Circle of Trees Merlin Books Limited Uganda IA 1989 58/64
Boyd, Robert A Colonial Odyssey Navigator Books Zambia Short, RJ 1997 74/68
Burn, Harry A Copper in Calabar.  Experiences of a Student, Soldier & Policeman in South and West Africa 1920s - 1950s Woodfield Publishing Limited Nigeria Arrowsmith, Keith 2013 105/63
Bere, Rennie A Cuckoo's Parting Cry Cedar Publishing Limited Uganda Ansell, WFH 1992 64/61
Morrish, Judy A Decade In Africa Pearl Press Northern Rhodesia Coase, Cynthia 2012 103/68
Benson, Heather A Dissolving Dream - A New Zealander in Amin's Uganda Bridget Williams Books Uganda Dakin, JC 1993 66/51
Austin, Jean A Falklands Diary:  Winds Of Change In A Distant Colony IB Tauris Falkland Islands Tatham, David 2010 99/50
Lattimer, Pamela A Family of Ginger Griffins Regency Press (London & NY) Fiji, Kenya, Malaya Harris, ML 1987 54/68
Lewis-Barned, John A Fanfare of Trumpets John Lewis-Barned Tanganyika Kirk-Greene, AHM 1993 66/54
Neillands, Robin A Fighting Retreat: The British Empire 1947-97 Hodder & Stoughton - Kirk-Greene, AHM 1997 73/41
Barker, Harold A Glimpse of the Wood from "A Circle of Trees" Merlin Books Limited Uganda TWG 1990 59/36
Grimshaw, Brendon A Grain of Sand Camerapix Publishers Int Ltd Tanganyika Pauncefort, Bernard 1999 77/24
Astle, W L A History of Wildlife Conservation and Management in the Mid-Luangwa Valley, Zambia British Empire & Comm Museum Zambia Clark, JE 2000 79/52
Nicholls, CS A Kenya Childhood Author Kenya Duke, Susan
Bellers, Veronica
2012 104/66
Gurr, Andrew A Little Piece of England John Blake Publishing Ltd Falkland Islands Taylor, David 2002 83/52
Jenkins, Arthur Hughes A Long Beat - Service to the Crown, Home and Abroad Arthur Hughes Jenkins Hong Kong, Falkland Islands,
Grenada, St Vincent
Macoun, Michael 1995 70/58
Bickley, Gillian A Magistrate's Court in 19th Century Hong Kong Proverse Press Hong Kong Roebuck, Derek 2005 90/58
Tsang, Steve A Modern History of Hong Kong IB Tauris Hong Kong Clark, Trevor 2004 87/45
Lewis, IM A Modern History of the Somali James Currey Ltd Somalia Greenfield, Richard 2003 86/61
Wollocombe, Richard A Passage from India Richard Wollocombe India - 1990 60/52
Thompson, Frank A Passage of Time Frank Thompson East Africa Collister, P 1996 71/47
Smith, Joan I A Patch of Africa Dr FC Smith Tanganyika RJH 1991 62/47
Franklin, Derek A Pied Cloak Janus Publishing Company Kenya Burns, JI 1997 74/61
Day, John A Plain Russet-Coated Captain Arthur H Stockwell Ltd Malaya Roy, Henry 1993 66/50
Beaden, Tony A Policeman's Lot Olympia Malaya, Uganda, Kenya Walker, Patrick 2012 104/60
Kumarasingham, Harshan A Political Legacy of the British Empire:  Power and the Parliamentary System in Post-Colonial India and Sri Lanka IB Tauris India, Sri Lanka Stockwell, AJ 2013 106/62
Woodward, Keith A Political Memoir of the Anglo-French Condominium of the New Hebrides Australian National Uni. Press Western Pacific / New Hebrides Rawlings, Gregory 2015 110/58
Lees, RH A Question of Murder Robert Hale, London Central Africa RJA 1981 42/50
Carvalho, Selma A Railway Runs Through Matador Publishing East Africa Fullerton, Peter 2014 108/53
Clark, Trevor A Right Honorable Gentleman: Abubakar from the Black Rock Edward Arnold Nigeria Kirk-Greene, AHM 1993 63/50
Barnes, Ken A Rough Passage: Memories of Empire. Volume 1 and Volume 2 The Radcliffe Press Nyasaland Baker, Colin 2007 93/57
Karmali, Joan A School in Kenya - Hospital Hill 1949-1973 Square One Publications Kenya Edwards, Mary 2002 84/59
Hollis, Rosemary A Scorpion for Tea Arthur Stockwell Nigeria Kirk-Greene, AHM 1982 43/29
Lumholtz, Ludvig L A Slice of Life Pentland Press Southern Rhodesia Storry, JG 1993 65/48
Bellers, Veronica A Spec in the Ocean of Time Author Africa Kwarteng, Dr Kwasi, MP 2015 109/49
Patterson, George A Spoonful of Salt and Rice Pentland Press Malaya Masefield, Veronica 1994 67/49
Tibbs, Michael & Anne A Sudan Sunset Author Sudan Richardson, SS 2000 80/57
Till, WB A Surveyor and his Friends: A West African Odyssey Author West Africa Barlow-Poole, Richard 2007 93/52
Hudson, John A Time to Mourn: A personal account of the Lumpa Church revolt in Zambia Bookworld Publishers Northern Rhodesia Baker, Colin 1999 78/67
Sardanis, Andrew A Venture in Africa - The Challenges of African Business IB Tauris Africa Lawley, Jonathan 2007 94/52
Sunman, Hilary A Very Different Land: Memories of Empire from the Farmlands of Kenya IB Tauris Kenya Singh, Parmeet 2015 109/51
Blake, Christopher A View from Within Mendip Publishing South East Asia Kirk-Greene, AHM 1991 62/45
Holley, Stephen A White Headhunter in Borneo Natural History Publications
Borneo Fielding, David 2004 88/50
Nash, TAM A Zoo Without Bars privately published Tanganyika Kirk-Greene, AHM 1985 49/21
Banton, Mandy Administering The Empire 1801-1968: A Guide To The Records In the National Archives Of The UK Institute of Historical Research
University of London / The National Archives of the UK
- Smith, John 2009 97/51
Pitt, John Adui Mbele (Enemy in Front) Mr John Pitt - Swynnerton, Sir Roger 1993 65/52
De Bunsen, Bernard Adventures in Education Titus Wilson Uganda Jacobs, J 1995 70/59
Hayward, Alan Africa Called: Science and Development in Nigeria The Radcliffe Press Nigeria Barringer, Terry 2009 97/42
Coulter, George Africa In Transition The Journey From Traditional To Modern In Africa Book Guild Publishing Africa Lowe-McConnell, Rosemary 2012 103/59
Sardanis, Andrew Africa: Another Side of the Coin IB Tauris Northern Rhodesia Acheson, Denis 2003 86/57
Yeoman, Guy Africa's Mountains of the Moon Elm Tree Books Uganda DP 1990 59/36
Dickenson, Reginald African Ambit Pentland Press Nigeria Kirk-Greene, AHM 1995 70/56
Dorman, TE African Experience An Education Officer in N Rhodesia (Zambia) Radcliffe Press Northern Rhodesia Dodd, WA 1994 68/60
Burridge, Gordon
Burridge, Marian
African Honeymoon:  When Malawi Was Nyasaland KB Productions Nyasaland Landreth, Gordon 2011 102/60
Happold, David African Naturalist. The Life And Times Of Rodney Carrington Wood 1889-1962 Book Guild Publishing Nyasaland Lowe-McConnell, Rosemary 2011 102/57
Iliffe, John Africans - The History of a Continent Cambridge University Press Africa Eccles, Brian 1996 71/39
Lowe, RG Agricultural Revolution in Africa? Macmillan Press Nigeria Richardson, SS 1988 55/35
Murphy, Philip Alan Lennox-Boyd, A Biography IB Tauris Kirkman, Bill 2000 79/38
Burkinshaw, Philip L Alarms and Excursions Davis Bros. Sierra Leone, Gambia, Nyasaland DF 1991 62/48
Henry, PWT All Our Yesterdays.  Memories Of A Forester In Nigeria 1950-62 Author Nigeria Wood, Peter 2010 100/61
Clemens, Martin Alone On Guadalcanal. A Coastwatcher's Story Naval Institute Press Solomon Islands Barlow, Poole, RN 2000 80/61
Measures, Bob
Walker, Tony
Amin's Uganda Minerva Press Uganda Hennessy, James 1999 77/25
Vatikiotis, Prof PJ Among Arabs and Jews Widenfeld & Nicolson Middle East EH 1992 63/53
Tuft, Nancy An Active Retirement Age Concern England - Andrew, I 1993 66/56
Barton, Donald An Affair with Africa - Tanganyika Remembered Authors OnLine Ltd Tanganyika Durdant-Hollamby, NO 2004 88/49
Atkinson, MCA An African Life Radcliffe Press Nigeria Kirk-Greene, AHM 1991 61/33
Lewis, RH An Attempt West Africa Book Publishers Nigeria Barlow-Poole, Richard 2004 88/55
Henry, PWT An Earthly Paradise. Memories Of A Forester In The Bechuanaland Protectorate/Botswana 1963-68 (All Our Yesterdays Volume 2) Author Bechuanaland Wood, Peter 2011 102/62
Crouch, Michael An Element of Luck Rawlhouse Publishing Pty Ltd Aden 2001 81/47
Crouch, Michael An Element of Luck, to South Arabia and Beyond Radcliffe Press Aden Thorne, RHJ 1994 68/57
Bell, Sir Gawain An Imperial Twilight Lester Crook Acad. Publishing Nigeria, Aden, Saudi Arabia,
South Pacific, Trucial States
Ford, RS 1989 58/65
Parker, P
Bleazard, S
An Impossible Dream - Some of Kenya's last colonial wardens recall the Game Dept in closing year of British Empire Librario Publishing Ltd Kenya Leakey, Dr Richard 2003 86/54
Smith, John An Island In The Autumn Librario Publishing Ltd Nigeria, Western Pacific McIntyre, W David 2012 103/56
Reardon, Margaret An Unexpected Journey: Life in the Colonies at Empire's End: A Woman's Role Armstrong, Catherine (s/p) Eritrea, Tanganyika, Bechuanaland Lewis, Dr Joanna 2016 111/63
Ross, Sheila And Tomorrow Freedom Allen & Unwin Australia Pty Ltd North Borneo, Phillipines Rutherford, JP 1991 61/32
Robertson, Bridget M Angels in Africa: A Memoir of Nursing with the Colonial Service Radcliffe Press Kenya, Seychelles, Zanzibar,
Dickson, Pat 1993 66/53
Munn, Christopher Anglo-China Chinese People and British Rule in Hong Kong 1841-1880 Hong Kong University Press Hong Kong Carroll, Professor John M 2009 97/34
Kirk, Richard Animal Crackers Collins Africa - 1980 40/37
Roberts, Denys Another Disaster: Hong Kong Sketches The Radcliffe Press Hong Kong Moss, Peter 2006 92/74
Mason, Tony Anthony's Odyssey Author East Africa Edwards, John 2009 97/51
Cory-King, E Asante Mamsapu (Thank you Madam) Minerva Press Tanganyika Duff, Patrick 1996 72/62
Kirke-Greene, AHM Aspects Of Empire:  A New Corona Anthology IB Tauris - Louis, Wm. Roger 2012 104/52
Sinclair, Georgina At the end of the Line: Colonial policing and the imperial endgame 1945-80 Manchester University Press - Mitchell, Robin
Bradney, Bob
2007 93/49
Van Trease, Howard Atoll Politics - The Republic of Kiribati Macmillan Brown Centre for
Pacific Studies
Gilbert & Ellice Islands Bain, Kenneth 1995 69/55
Knowles, Oliver Back Seat Driver Pen Press Publishers Ltd Kenya Edwards, JC 2008 96/55
Blower, John Banagi Hill - A Game Warden's Africa Librario Publishing Ltd Tanganyika Osmaston, Henry 2005 90/53
Shirreff, David Bare Feet and Bandoliers Radcliffe Press Ethiopia Mans, Maj Gen Rowley 1995 70/65
Read, David Barefoot over the Serengeti Author Tanganyika Cotterell, Geoff 2002 83/66
Bryan, Gerald Be of Good Cheer:  Service in War and Peace Wilton 65 Swaziland, West Indies, Mauritius Doble, John 2009 97/43
Read, David Beating about the Bush Author Tanganyika, KAR Cotterell, Geoff 2002 83/66
Maslen, James Beating about the Nigerian Bush Navigator Books Nigeria Kirk-Greene, AHM 1995 69/57
Helean, William Bed in the Bush Churchman Publishing/
Graham Brash plc
Africa EES 1991 62/52
Berry, WCT Before the Wind of Change privately published Nyasaland, Gambia Kirk-Greene, AHM 1984 48/54
Goodall, Dr HB Beloved Imperialist - A Biography Pentland Press Ltd Gold Coast Sinclair, Sir George 1999 77/22
Lawley, Jonathan Beyond The Malachite Hills IB Tauris Central Africa Luce, Richard 2009 98/56
Bee, John David Beyond the Reef: A Story of the Solomon Islands Vantage Press, Inc, NY Solomon Islands - 1983 45/33
Smith, Vic Birds, Beasts and Bature The Pentland Press Nigeria Arrowsmith, Keith 1997 73/51
Williams, JK Black, Amber, White Churchman Publishing Tanganyika Kirk-Greene, AHM 1990 60/56
Butcher, Tim Blood River - A Journey to Africa's Broken Heart Vintage Books Africa Mitchell, Harry 2008 96/62
Bell, AV Blown by the Wind of Change The Book Guild Ltd Tanganyika, Northern Rhodesia,
1987 54/67
Holland, Robert Blue-Water Empire.  The British in the Mediterranean since 1800 Allen Lane Mediterranean Frendo, Henry 2013 106/64
Fielding, David
Fielding Sue
Borneo, Jewel in a Jade Rainbow Letters and legends from North Borneo, Sabah KDI Kota Kinabalu North Borneo, Sabah Holley, Stephen 1999 78/63
Fawcus, Peter
Tilbury, Alan
Botswana: The Road to Independence Botswana Society & Pula Press Botswana Twaddle, Dr Michael 2001 81/41
Meek, Charles
Meek, Innes (edited by)
Brief Authority: A Memoir Of Colonial Administration In Tanganyika IB Tauris Tanganyika Barton, Donald 2012 103/48
Percox, David Britain, Kenya and the Cold War: Imperial Defence, Colonial Security and Decolonisation Tauris Academic Studies Kenya Johnson, Sir John 2005 89/59
Yorke, Edmund James Britain, Northern Rhodesia and the First World War Palgrave Macmillan Northern Rhodesia Hill, Roland A. 2016 111/52
Gott, Richard Britain's Empire:  Resistance, Repression And Revolt Verso Books Inkster, Nigel 2012 103/51
Elkins, Caroline Britain's Gulag - The Brutal End of Empire in Kenya Jonathan Cape Publishers Ltd Kenya Knowles, Oliver 2005 90/50
Kirk-Greene, AHM Britain's Imperial Administrators 1858-1966 Macmillan Distribution Ltd - Killingray, David 2000 80/50
Trollope, Joanna Britannia's Daughters Hutchinson, 1983 - Kirk-Greene, AHM 1984 48/54
Kennedy, Joseph British Civilians & the Japanese War in Malaya & Singapore 1941-45 Macmillan Press Malaya, Singapore Gridley, Lord 1987 53/38
HMSO British Documents on the End of Empire - - Kirk-Greene, AHM 1994 68/56
Cain, PJ
Hopkins, AG
British Imperialism: Vols 1 and 2 Longman - Morley, JAE 1994 68/57
Heussler, Prof Robert British Rule in Malaya Robert Heussler Malaya WG 1981 42/49
Price, Geoffrey R Building a Life The Memoir Club Africa, Pacific Cochran, Chris 2006 92/82
Bazley, Walter Bunyoro, Tropical Paradox Pentland Press Uganda Gee, Tommy 1994 68/62
Skinner, Neil Burden Assumed - The Making of a Colonial Candide Published privately Nigeria Kirk-Greene, AHM 1986 51/45
Russell, Elnor Bush Life in Nigeria Elnor Russell Nigeria Kirk-Greene, AHM 1978 36/13
Arrowsmith, Keith Bush Paths Pentland Press Nigeria O'Regan, JWH 1992 63/58
Smith, Bryan Sharwood But Always as Friends Allen and Unwin Nigeria JWR 1970 19/25
Maciel, Mervyn Bwana Karani Merlin Books Ltd Kenya Huxley, Elspeth  2006 91/46
Wild, Percy Turner Bwana Polisi - Under Three Flags Merlin Books Kenya, Botswana Macoun, Michael 1995 70/58
Wilson, Peter M Bwana Shamba (Mr Agriculture) Pentland Press Tanganyika Longford, Michael 2002 83/57
Gill, JM Cameroon Trilogy Author Cameroon Elkerton, RJ 2006 92/77
Hughes, Richard Capricorn - David Stirling's Second African Campaign The Radcliffe Press - Lawley, Jonathan 2003 86/55
Cordon, Roddy Captain Ward - Pacific Navigator Cordon & Wood Publishers Gilbert & Ellice Islands Nicholson, Kelvin 1996 72/71
Pulford, Cedric Casuality of Empire:
Britain's Unpaid Debt to an African Kingdom
Ituri Publications Uganda Durand, Douglas 2007 94/62
Bourne, Richard Catastrophe.  What went wrong in Zimbabwe? Zed Books Central Africa Lawley, Jonathan 2013 105/60
Considine, Joan
Rawlins, John
Childhood Memories of Colonial East Africa 1920-1963 Bongo Books East Africa Bellers, Veronica 2005 89/63
Webb, Lorna E Chintali The Life & Times of Sir Thomas Page, Kt, CBE (1879-1957) Newton Publishers (1995) Central Africa Hill, Roland 1996 71/39
Gailey, Harry A Clifford: Imperial Proconsul Rex Collings, London - Kirk-Greene, AHM 1983 45/32
Page, Gwendoline Coconuts and Coral George R Reeve Limited New Hebrides Nicholson, K 1994 68/61
Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft Colonial Administration in Africa Between Central Policy and Local Reality Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft
 mbH & Co KG, Germany
Africa Squire, Dr CW 2008 95/54
Whitehead, Clive Colonial Educators The British Indian and Colonial Education Service 1858-1983 IB Tauris - Bown, Lalage 2004 87/48
Fazan, SH Colonial Kenya Observed.  British Rule, Mau Mau and the Wind of Change IB Tauris Kenya Fullerton, Peter 2015 110/55
Morley, John Colonial Postscript - Diary of a District Officer 1936-56 Radcliffe Press Aden, East Africa, Malaya,
Gold Coast
Dickson, HYWS 1993 65/40
Gutch, Sir John Colonial Servant Published privately Gold Coast, Palestine, Cyrenaica,
British Guiana
Stokes, RR 1987 54/63
Stephenson, Ralph Colonial Sunset - A Worm's Eye View Pen Press Publishers Hong Kong, Seychelles,
Gold Coast, Sierra Leone
Bickley, Gillian 2004 88/59
Macgregor, Dr JD Colonial Window: A view from the past The Memoir Club - Russell, Tom 2007 93/53
Golding, JA Colonialism: The Golden Years Birlings (Kent) Ltd Tanganyika, Turks & Caicos Kirk-Greene, AHM 1988 55/38
Johnson, Sir John Colony to Nation Erskine Press Kenya Nicholls, Christine 2003 85/53
Sandford, Eileen Come On Eileen!  Encounters And Experiences Shrewsbury Words Nigeria Farrant, Patricia 2011 101/57
Murphy, Gerald Copper Mandarin Regency Press, London Palestine, Malaya, Uganda Kirk-Greene, AHM 1985 49/19
Martin, Colin Corporal Haussmann Goes to War Author Nyasaland Dickson, HYWS 2002 83/56
Imray, Colin Cricket in the Backblocks The Book Guild Limited - Dodd, WA 1998 76/47
Watkins, Elizabeth Cypher Officer Pen Press Publishers Ltd Cox, Joan 2008 96/66
Waddington, David David Waddington: Memoirs Biteback Publishing Bermuda Luce, Richard 2013 105/56
Lees, RH Death for an Emerald Robert Hale, London - ES 1984 48/53
Lee, Robert P Destination 5 - Memoirs of an Irish Veterinarian Morrigan Tanganyika Mares, Robert G 2004 88/53
Sharwood-Smith, Joan Diary of a Colonial Wife Radcliffe Press Nigeria Kirk-Greene, AHM 1992 64/55
Eberlie, Dick District Officer in Tanganyika: 1956-1960 Part 2: The Memoirs of Dick Eberlie Richard Eberlie Tanganyika Bellers, Veronica 2015 110/52
Gorton Green, S Divertimenti or Pleasure Abounding for the Idle Hour Regency Press Malaya IA 1990 60/54
Freeman, Dr EA (Ted) Doctor in Vanuatu - A Memoir University of South Pacific Vanuatu Macgregor, Dr JD 2007 94/54
Raschen, Dan Don't Step on a Stonefish Bucklands Publications Ltd Gilbert & Ellice Islands Nicholson, K 1993 66/57
Harris, Tim Donkey's Gratitude Mulberry Books Tanganyika Finch, FG 1993 65/50
Mumford, J Gordon Drums of Rebellion: Kenya in Chaos Zebra Publishing House Kenya Hotton, Michael RA 2006 91/58
Harris, Geoffrey T Dry Between Your Toes.  Autobiography Of A Chief Education Officer In The Department Of African Studies, Southern Rhodesia Author Southern Rhodesia Lennox, Barry 2010 99/54
Kennedy, Sir Francis Dust Suspended The Memoir Club Nigeria Kirk-Greene, Anthony 2006 92/71
Davis, Peter J East African, An Airline Story Runnymede Malthouse East Africa Yeoman, Guy 1997 74/57
Mackay, Derek Eastern Customs: The Customs Service in British Malaya and the Opium Trade The Radcliffe Press Malaya Hutchinson, Simon 2005 90/56
Walker, Andrew Eat the Heart of the Infidel': The Harrowing of Nigeria and the Rise of Boko Haram Hurst Publishers Nigeria Smith, John 2016 111/51
Pulford, Cedric Eating Uganda: From Christianity to Conquest Ituri Publications Uganda Durand, Douglas 2007 94/62
Nicholls, C S Elspeth Huxley - A Biography Harper Colins Publishers Kenya Bull, Mary 2002 84/55
Tidrick, Kathryn Empire and the English Character IB Tauris - Kirk-Greene, AHM 1992 64/63
Paxman, Jeremy Empire:  What Ruling The World Did To The British Viking Adult
an imprint of Penguin Books
Smith, John 2012 103/46
Collins, WB Empires in Anarchy MacGibbon & Kee Ghana Harris, Victor 1968 15/17
Louis, Wm Roger Ends of British Imperialism: The Scramble for Empire, Suez and Decolonisation IB Tauris - Cross, Dr Nigel 2007 94/51
Frost, Richard Enigmatic Proconsul: Sir Philip Mitchell and the Twilight of Empire Radcliffe Press Tanganyika, Fiji, Kenya Hodges, GWT 1993 65/44
Beinart, William
Hughes, Lotte
Environment and Empire Oxford University Press - MacKenzie, John M 2008 95/52
Stewart, John Envoy of the Raj Porpoise Books India CT 1987 53/39
Anderson, David Eroding the Commons: The Politics of Ecology in Baringo, Kenya 1890-1963 James Currey Ltd Kenya Perbedy, John 2003 85/61
North, Stephen Europeans in British Administered East Africa: A Biographical Listing 1888-1905 Author East Africa Patience, Kevin 2006 91/60
Hutchings, Dora Every Road Leads Back Home Anchor Publications, Bognor Regis Malaya, Singapore Kirk-Greene, AHM 1986 52/50
Brown, Ron Ex Africa Venture Press Northern Rhodesia Arrowsmith, Keith 1997 73/51
Baker, Colin Exit From Empire:  A Biography Of Sir Richard Turnbull Author Tanganyika Shepperson, George 2010 100/56
Baker, Colin Expatriate Experience of Life and Work in Nyasaland Author Nyasaland Lawley, Jonathan 2013 106/66
Baker, Colin Expatriate Experience of Life and Work in Nyasaland (Volume 2) Author Nyasaland Lawley, Jonathan 2014 107/59
Baker, Colin Expatriate Experience of Life and Work in Nyasaland (Volume 3) Mpemba Books Nyasaland Lawley, Jonathan 2015 109/53
Baker, Colin Expatriate Experience of Life and Work in Nyasaland (Volume 4) Mpemba Books of Cardiff (s/p) Nyasaland Clayton, Patricia 2016 111/61
Prior, Christopher Exporting Empire.  Africa, Colonial Officials and the Construction Manchester University Press Africa Barringer, Terry 2014 107/60
Savile, AH Extension of Rural Communities Oxford University Press East Africa Beeton, WH 1966 11/7
Watts, Ronald Eyes on Africa:  A Fifty Year Commentary The Ebor Press Central Africa, Uganda, Kenya Robertson, Laurie 2006 91/55
Low, DA Fabrication Of Empire: The British And The Uganda Kingdoms 1980-1902 Cambridge University Press Uganda MacKenzie, John M 2009 98/54
Guilbride, Patrick Far Away Cows - Veterinary Vignettes from the Third World Book Guild Ltd Northern Rhodesia, Jamaica,
Hammond, Dr John A 1999 77/21
Watkins, Brian Feathers on the Brain Hardwick Hill Publishing Sierra Leone, Tristan da Cunha Redston, Colin 2014 108/59
Akers-Jones, David Feeling the Stones: Reminiscences Hong Kong University Press Hong Kong Bickley, Gillian 2005 89/55
Killingray, David
Plaut, Martin
Fighting For Britain African Soldiers In The Second World War Boydell & Brewer's
James Currey imprint
Africa Lonsdale, John 2011 102/55
Mangin, Geoffrey Filming Emerging Africa: A Pioneer Cinematographer's Scrapbook Het Ronde Doornbsjen Central Africa Berriff, Henry 2000 79/42
Rawlinson, Judy Finding a Flame Lily: a Teenager in Africa Loose Chippings  Northern Rhodesia MacMillan, Hugh 2016 111/48
Horton, DC Fire Over the Islands AH and AW Reed Ltd, Sydney Solomon Islands W 1972 23/15
Webb, Geoffrey Five Years in the White Man's Grave Legini Press Nigeria Kirk-Greene, AHM 2008 96/67
Bickley, Verner C Footfalls Echo In The Memory.  A Life with  The Colonial Education Service and The British Council In Asia The Radcliffe Press Singapore Howard, Mark 2010 100/63
Selwyn-Clarke, Sir Selwyn Footprints - The memoirs of Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke KBE, CMG, MC Sino-American Publish Co., HK Gold Coast Harston, W 1975 30/14
Selwyn-Clarke, Sir Selwyn Footprints - The memoirs of Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke KBE, CMG, MC Sino-American Publish Co., HK Hong Kong Harston, W 1975 30/14
Bickley, Gillian For the Record and Other Poems of Hong Kong Christine Penney Hong Kong Wotherspoon, Ian 2006 91/56
Lumley, EK Forgotten Mandate: A British District Officer in Tanganyika C Hurst and Co. Tanganyika Kirk-Greene, AHM 1976 32/15
Swaisland, Cecillie Forty Years of Service: The Women's Corona Society 1950-1990 Women's Corona Society - Andrew, I 1993 66/55
Follows, Roy Four Wheels & Frontiers Ulric Publishing South East Asia Hutchinson, Simon 2006 91/59
Morton Boyd, J Fraser Darling in Africa (A Rhino in the Whistling Thorn) Edinburgh University Press Northern Rhodesia, Kenya,
Attwell, RIG 1994 67/44
Luce, Margaret From Aden to the Gulf Michael Russell, Salisbury Aden Kirk-Greene, AHM 1987 54/65
Spinage, Clive From Dark Heart to Kalahari Librario Publishing Ltd - Anstey, David 2007 93/59
O'Regan, John From Empire to Commonwealth: Reflections on a Career in Britain's Overseas Service Radcliffe Press Ceylon, Jamaica, Nigeria Lonsdale, John 1995 69/49
Hodgson, Col CF From Hell to the Himalayas King & Wilks, SA India RCD 1985 49/19
Cawte, Jennifer From Kaduna to Kirakira - Letters Home from Overseas The Pentland Press Ltd Nigeria, Solomon Islands Yaxley, Pat 2001 81/45
Askwith, Tom From Mau Mau to Harambee: Memoirs and Memoranda of Colonial Kenya African Studies Centre Kenya Tiffen, Dr Mary 1996 72/70
Abraham, Dr Kathleen From Measles To Magic Memoirs Of A Medical Officer In Northern Nigeria 1957-1964 2QT Limited (Publishing) Nigeria Harford, JG 2011 101/58
Maciel, Mervyn From Mtoto to Mzee Author East Africa Fullerton, Peter 2014 108/53
Bond, Mick From Northern Rhodesia to Zambia Gadsden Publishers Northern Rhodesia/Zambia Bellers, Veronica 2015 110/52
Phillips, Henry From Obscurity to Bright Dawn: How Nyasaland became Malawi - an Insider's Account Radcliffe Press Nyasaland Baker, Colin 1998 76/50
Hutcheon, Jane From Rice to Riches: A personal journey through a changing China Pan Macmillan Australia Hong Kong Clark, Trevor 2004 87/45
Matthews, Christine From Suburbia to Subukia: Achievements with E Africa Flying Doctor Service Avon Books East Africa Cotterell, G 1996 72/68
Hodgkins, Fiona From Syonan to Fuji-Go: The Story of the Catholic Settlement of Bahau in WWII Malaya Select Books Pte Ltd Malaya Brent, David 2015 110/61
Schur, Tony From the Cam to the Zambezi. Colonial Service and the Path to the New Zambia IB Tauris Northern Rhodesia/Zambia Bellers, Veronica 2015 110/52
Callaway, Helen Gender, Culture and Empire: European Women in Colonial Nigeria Macmillan Press Nigeria Kirk-Greene, AHM 1987 54/66
Goldsmith, Anne Gentle Warrior - A Life of Hugh Grant Author Kenya Johnson, Sir John 2002 83/63
Garvey, Sir Ronald Gentlemen Pauper Anchor Publications - Kirk-Greene, AHM 1985 50/50
Askwith, T Getting My Knees Brown Waterstones Kenya Bellers, Veronica 1997 73/47
Butler, IE Ghost Stories and other Island Tales: A Colonial Officer in the Gilbert Islands Author Gilbert and Ellice Islands Walsh, Michael 2015 109/59
Kwarteng, Kwasi Ghosts Of Empire:  Britain's Legacies In The Modern World Bloomsbury Nigeria Smith, John 2012 103/46
Hoyle, BS Gillman of Tanganyika 1882-1946 Gower Publishing Co Ltd Tanganyika Harris, M 1987 54/62
Kirk-Greene, AHM Glimpses of Empire - A Corona Anthology IB Tauris - Smith, John 2001 82/51
Maciel, Elsie Antonette Goan Cookery Book Merlin Books Ltd - DF 1985 50/47
Edited by:
Cunningham, Eric
MacDougall, Jennifer
Mayhew, Alan &
Hammer, Michael
Gold Coast and Ghana Memories Ghana School Aid /
Eric Cunningham
Gold Coast, Ghana Smith, John 2006 92/85
Williamson, Thora Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa IB Tauris Gold Coast Ensor, Michael 2001 82/52
Russell, Colin Gold Coast to Ghana The Pentland Press Ltd Gold Coast Ensor, M 1997 74/66
Clark, Trevor Good Second Class The Memoir Club Nigeria, Hong Kong,
Solomon Islands
Arrowsmith, Keith 2004 88/47
Christie, Callum Goodbye Colonialism, Farewell Feudalism Kirkgate Books Northern Rhodesia Shurmer-Smith, Pamela 2016 111/58
Goodall, John Goodbye to Empire: A Doctor Remembers The Pentland Press Singapore, Nyasaland, Barbados,
South Africa
HMS 1988 55/38
Dennis, Philip Goodbye to Pith Helmets.  A District Commissioner's account of the Pentland Press Gold Coast Jeffries, Richard 2001 82/55
Tsang, Steve Governing Hong Kong: Administrative Officers from the Nineteenth Century to the Handover to China 1862-1997 IB Tauris Hong Kong Hook, Professor Brian 2008 95/40
Chan, Stephen Grasping Africa - A tale of Tragedy and Achievement IB Tauris Africa Lawley, Jonathan 2007 94/52
Smith, Colin Green Mountain Doctor Author Basutoland Squires, Dr Neil 2001 81/40
Cell, John W Hailey Cambridge University Press India, Africa Kirk-Greene, AHM 1993 65/39
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